African Green Technologies offers a number of professional services across many industries. Collectively the
knowledge and expertise gained over the years of the organisation’s existence spans many decades. The
company prides itself on the many professionals and Subject Matter Experts(SMEs) with work place experience.
Project Management
We offer comprehensive project management services on different levels of infrastructure and software
projects. The highly skilled personnel workforce has a hands-on approach and liaises with clients as often as
required and makes sure that a project is delivered on time, within budget while the constraints are met. The
workforce’s experience spans over 15 years.
Business Analysis
Our consultants offer business and system analysis services to a wide variety of industry segments. From
manufacturing, procurement, purchasing, through to voucher service providers - we provide excellent analysing
skills. The personnel have access to best practice experienced industry professionals and best of breed customers
to lean on and learn from to give our customers the best possible service and analysis solutions.
We offer support in many different forms. Support ranges from hardware and software support through to
support personnel on a top management level. With the vast experience over many industry sectors, we have
built up an extensive knowledge base that can be utilised to fulfil support needs of a customer on every level. All
support personnel has access to the entire AGT community to render the best possible support for each situation.
AGT offers software and hardware implementation skills and personnel from a wide variety of software and
hardware solutions. The AGT implementation experience and skills span at least two decades on different types
of infrastructures and systems. It ranges from handheld, bar-coded, Wi-Fi equipment through to cell phone
applications and systems for different industry sectors from inventory based systems through to banking and e-
wallet solutions. We have the expertise to implement the solution you require and empower your future, today.
Custom Development
Over many years of development in various industries with different technologies, AGT has built up an extensive
library of building blocks, on different levels of the technology stack and are stable, proven objects that are
easily re-utilised to rapidly build custom solutions of outstanding quality. We utilise Scrum methodology for rapid
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